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MOVEX Storage Department

The storage department of MOVEX can now know the methods of furniture storage services through MOVEX Company which provides its group when considering ways of properly storing furniture services to ensure quality and safety and those are the first things on the customer’s mind if he needs to travel outside the house for a long time Or if he buys new furniture and wants to store the old nest so he needs to use it again, There are some purposes that need to be stored away from children’s hands to ensure safety so we must store in an orderly and properly arranged manner.

You need to know the specifications of the furniture transportation companies that will be connected to order the service in a form that satisfies the customers


Preserving their purposes for as long as possible, each wishes to store their home furniture in a safe way to avoid the corrosion of insects for some pieces of nest, Avoiding the accumulation of dirt and dirt on cutting the nest if a legacy is left in exposed places and thus changing its shape and making the shape of the nest extremely ugly So MOVEX offers some simple safe furniture storage methods on furniture while maintaining its shape and quality.


Method of maintaining the furnitures storage section

We provide some special information on ways to save and arrange furniture and ways to tightly pack furniture to prevent
Any hated occurrence of customer furniture and adequate preservation.

1. The furniture is disassembled into small parts so that it can be easily encased, and there are some items that cannot be fully disassembled so we can unscrape the possible purposes of them to reduce their size only.

2. The furniture pieces are cleaned well with different cleaning materials or with water to keep it on.

from dirt and dirt to be stored clean.

3. The furniture parts that have been disassembled are packaged using materials made of cardboard
Carton, adhesives, foam, massive plastic leaves
packing it well and tightly to prevent insects leaking into it from one of the openings.

4. We collect the pieces of furniture after they are tightly wrapped and put in a room with no moisture to maintain the furniture
From damage to dust or insects, that room should be sealed so we can keep kids away from furniture.

So you need to communicate with the Ta’if Ta’if Transport Company to ensure that the Ta’if is stored

In tight ways that safeguard furniture and items properly.


As for storage of electrical devices

It needs some important steps because it’s sensitive.

They must therefore be stored in certain ways:

– Refrigerator: Before storing it, it must be thoroughly cleaned and when stored, a maintenance technician is sent to check the refrigerator and other electrical equipment and then disposes of the stagnant water inside the refrigerator’s back box and then packaging the refrigerator using pepper, carton or reinforced plastic for all refrigerator tools to ensure its safety and security.

Storage Section, Storage Section, Storage Section

– Washing Machine: The technician removes the washing machine filter to clean it and unloads the stagnant water into the water hose that is done
Connect to drainage and clean the washing machine thoroughly from the bottom and it is coated with a curl, plastic or cardboard.

– TV: The screen is cleaned with the glass of the screens and after the cleaning is completed, the screen is coated with a veil or reinforced carton.
Glassware, drier and crystals are also packaged after being thoroughly cleaned and placed in special cartons
It closed after placing some insulating material between each of its pieces and the other to keep it from collisions.

So you know how to store furniture and how to maintain all

Precious pieces over time in the easiest ways.

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